Streamaroo manufactures and distributes unique hat mounts for Smartphone/iPhone and GoPro® cameras.

Our Removable Hat Mounts are compact, lightweight and easy to use.  The Smartphone Hat clip turns a phone into a sports-camera in seconds.  Mount the phone on ballcap or visor and capture the world at a moment’s notice.

The Permanent Hat Mounts provide a comfortable, no-hassle, hands-free way to get more use out of your GoPro® and capture your POV experiences during low-impact activities.

Use these accessories in hundreds of different situations:  hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking or canoeing; capturing children’s sports and other activities, traveling, concerts, parties, family reunions; business purposes such as remote customer support, house inspections, site inspections (vehicle, equipment, electronics, cable, oil refineries/chemical, electronics), insurance adjusters… the possibilities are endless!